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My new life as a Private Girl in Canberra

I selected my career because I enjoy what I do and I love making the money I do as a Private Girl in Canberra. Not always did I make the money that I am making today. When I first moved to Canberra I didn’t know where to start to find clients.

I met a couple of Canberra escorts that were helpful but that didn’t really want to share their clients with me. It is business after all and the private girls of the night also need to keep their clients entertained to eliminate competition.

Basically I kept my debtors at bay by getting referrals from other escorts. This wasn’t the best thing because I couldn’t really cherry pick my clients. Canberra was a great place and I loved staying there but I really needed more clients in order to afford my new life. Being one of the private girls of the night and competing against other escorts isn’t always easy. A girl always has to be on top of her game.

Deciding to search online and found a website that allowed me to create a profile that was specific for all areas across Australia. I registered a profile as one of the best Canberra escorts. I really took time to make my profile look fantastic, I had a sexy profile picture taken and said what I needed to say to stand out as one of the best private girls. The response I got immediately after registering my profile was amazing.

Now I am one of the featured escorts online and have more clients than ever. I also get to pick the clients I want to book and I am spoiled for choice. The truth is after a month I am one of the most well-known Canberra escorts. The best part about my online profile is that it is incredibly discreet and I am the only one that can access any contact from clients. This has truly changed my life and I once again see the benefit of being one of the private girls of Canberra.