There are a number of things we recommend you do when Booking an Escort.  Take some time to think about how you would like your experience to be. Weather you are looking for a dinner date or a special Girlfriend Experience or maybe a Pornstar Experience the more details that you can give to a lady before making the booking the better the experience you are liable to have.

Dinner Date

If you’re looking for a lady to come with you on a special Dinner Date or maybe even a Formal Ball you will need to give as much information as possible before booking an escort of your choice.

You need to let her know what the occasion is, where it is and what are the dress requirements.  Do you have any requests on what she should wear?, how would you like her to look… the girl next door? The hottest Lady in the room?? or do you want her to dress down, maybe a little slutty. Ask her if she can accommodate your request.

The more you can tell the lady about what you are expecting will give you a much better chance of having the date you are planning. Do you want to go on afterwards… maybe back to your place of to hers. List what services you require. Give all the details when you are Booking an Escort.

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

If you’re looking for a Girlfriend Experience detail the types of things you’re looking for, how you would like your date to go…set the scene, again be very specific about what you would like. Let her know what you would like her to wear and also what Escort Services you will be requesting before Booking an Escort of your choice.

Pornstar Experience (PSE)

If you are requesting a Pornstar Experience list down all the Escort Services that you would like included, ask about limitations. Depending on the play it may be better to have a safe word or words to control the play. When Booking an Escort you will need to let the lady know all the Escort Services you require.

Checklist for Booking an Escort

  1. What date and time of your preferred appointment
  2. If possible give an alternative date and time just incase she is unavailable on your first request
  3. What is the location…are you wanting to visit her or would you like her to come to you
  4. If she is to visit you, give details about where you wish to meet i.e. Name and address of your hotel or motel (some Ladies have limitations on where they will outcall to)
  5. List down all the Escort Services you would like and get clarification on how much it will cost
  6. Tell her about what sort of experience you would like and make sure you let her know about things you don’t like
  7. Give her your best method for contacting you, phone call, sms or email
  8. Let her know when is the best time to make contact with you
  9. Ask her how much the booking will cost including all the services you require so that you can have the money in an envelope ready for when you arrive